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The Omicron, the new variant of the corona virus, is causing a great deal of concern around the world while making many countries wonder – is it not too late to do something to try and take control of its possible spread? In the hours since the World Health Organization’s announcement on the subject, many countries have begun publishing various programs to combat and prevent the spread, along with restricting flights and the entry of citizens from these countries.

Less than a day after the first case of the new variant was found among a passenger who arrived from Egypt on November 11 and landed in Belgium, 61 patients from South Africa were located in the Netherlands, and there is a concern that they are also patients in the new variant. As mentioned, according to the announcement issued this morning (Saturday) by the health authorities in the country, 61 patients arrived in Amsterdam on two flights from South Africa, and were diagnosed as positive for the virus.

People with a mask in Amsterdam (Photo: RAMON VAN FLYMEN / ANP / AFP via Getty Images)

They are expected to undergo further tests in the coming hours, to make sure they are carriers of the omicron. “Positive travelers to Corona will be sent for isolation at or near a hotel in Schiphol,” health officials said.

At the same time, the West German country’s welfare minister, Kai Klose, announced “a passenger returning from South Africa was diagnosed with blue in the new variant.” The minister explained that a number of mutations that characterize the omicron were identified in the passenger’s inspection, noting that the country is now undergoing full flooring of the inspection. “Please – protect yourself and those around you. If you have returned from South Africa in the past week, limit the number of your contacts and go for a corona check,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Queue for corona vaccines in Germany (Photo: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images)Queue for corona vaccines in Germany (Photo: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC) has announced that the variant has not yet been located in the country, and estimates that once it is located, it is expected to spread rapidly. The announcement of the new and contagious variant has led many countries to decide on a complete halt to flights from the countries where the “Omicron” was discovered. This will take effect immediately in many countries, except the United States, where they will take effect only next week. That flights from the area in question to the United States have not yet been officially suspended, with the exception of the entry of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, a number of airlines, including United Airlines and Delta have announced flight cancellations.

US President Joe Biden has announced that as of Monday, the entry of the majority of those arriving from eight countries in South Africa will be banned. As mentioned, the new variant poses a challenge for Biden, which has had mixed success in vaccinating citizens, following the involvement of political motives. In addition, he faces much criticism from international health experts and foreign leaders for failing to send vaccines to poor countries.

Prohibition of entry and sending for isolation

The Australian Minister of Health has announced that citizens of the countries where the variant was discovered, along with tourists and applicants arriving from their territory, will be required to spend 14 days in solitary confinement. “Anyone who is not an Australian citizen, or visiting someone, and who has been in the countries where the Omicron has spread over the past 14 days, will not be able to enter the country,” Health Minister Greg Hunt explained in a press briefing. At the same time, the Canadian government has announced that it will take a number of new steps in this regard.

People in a mask at Sydney Airport, Australia (Photo: Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP via Getty Images)People in a mask at Sydney Airport, Australia (Photo: Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP via Getty Images)

Similar steps are being taken in Thailand and Oman, which have announced that as of today, citizens from the countries where the new variant was discovered will be banned – Botswana, Aswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In Oman, however, Malawi was excluded from the list, from which entry to Thailand is prohibited. A similar decision was made in Sri Lanka, which bans passengers from six countries in South Africa. Passengers returning from these countries in the last 14 days are required to enter isolation immediately.


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