New documentation: Scout Grant arrived in ‘Thirsty’ with a head covering

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The new bride, Scout Grant, surprised last night and came to a show of thirst at the nation’s buildings in Jerusalem, and did not just come: with a head covering. Her husband of about two weeks, Shuli Rand, appeared in a show of Chabad Chassidut in honor of the Feast of Redemption, 19 Kislev, and his new bride did not miss the exciting event.

In a document uploaded to Instagram by Omar Adam’s mother, Sharon Adam, she is seen in Grant’s company wearing a headdress and modest clothing. Adam wrote “One and Only” and tagged Scout. Sharon Adam also recently provided surprising remarks about tefillin and a rabbinical wedding, so the connection is probably from heaven.

Grant and Adam Photo: Sharon Adam’s Instagram

A few days ago under the exploding headline “The Wedding” Scout Grant shared on Facebook photos and thanks from the exciting event. “Wow it’s been two weeks since our wedding night and it’s not going through me… It was so fun, so happy. I have full heartfelt thanks. We have !! Must get used to talking in a couple.”

Grant, the presenter of the documentary series “Lost,” said in an interview that she gave the “Pipe” program of Network 13 what an answer it was for her. “It’s practice, behavior, conduct. In this place I have long tried to be within an answer.” In response to Guy Lerer’s question, what will Shabbat look like from now on, with her marriage to Shuli returning in repentance, she replied that “there will be no filming on Shabbat and there will be no performances on Shabbat. Shabbat is a holy Shabbat.”

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