New excavations, restorations and concerts, Pompeii greets the director Osanna after 7 years

Change of look at the direction of the archaeological park – Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev /Courier TV

Change of look at the direction of the archaeological park of Pompeii, the director Massimo Osanna leaves the baton to the newly elected Gabriel Zuchtriegel. Minister Franceschini’s comment: «Pompeii is a story of rebirth and redemption, a model for the whole of Europe in the management of EU funds. A place where research and new archaeological excavations have returned thanks to the long and silent work of the many professionals of cultural heritage who have contributed to the extraordinary results and which are a source of pride for Italy. In thanking Professor Massimo Osanna for the great work he has done in Pompeii in recent years, I offer my deepest wishes for good work to Gabriel Zuchtriegel who leaves an extremely positive experience at the Paestum Archaeological Park for an exciting job: the best job in the world for an archaeologist “



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