New firmware speeds up Xbox Series X/S boots up to 25% faster in power saving mode

As a next-generation game console competing with the PS5, the Xbox Series X / S can provide good performance in terms of performance, but the boot speed has always been disliked by many players. Recently, in the test version of the firmware, some testers found that the boot time has been greatly improved by 25%.

In the latest Xbox Insider version of the firmware, some testers found that the boot speed was significantly faster, and the news has been officially confirmed recently, which is undoubtedly a boon for players. According to Josh Munsee, global marketing director of Xbox, the latest version of the software developed by Microsoft for the Xbox Series X / S can shorten the boot screen to 4 seconds, which is more than double the current 9 seconds.

Therefore, in the energy-saving mode, the boot time of the Xbox Series X / S can be shortened from the original 20 seconds to 15 seconds, which is 25% faster, and the new version of the software allows the console to automatically update the game in this mode. In the past, in order to speed up the startup speed, many players only chose to put the host into standby mode, but this still consumes a certain amount of power.

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