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With the end of TGS, the latest game information from major manufacturers this year is almost public. But there is still a whole season before the end of the year. In the XGP list that Microsoft’s father released at the beginning of the year, there are still several games that have not been officially launched. This time, we will select 5 masterpieces for you to be on/joined Xbox Game Pass before the end of the year, to help players spend the time before the end of the year!

A Plague Tale: Requiem

The first game to recommend is “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, the latest game in the “A Plague Tale” series, developed by Asobo Studio.


This adventure drama, which is set in France, where the Black Death was prevalent in the 14th century, describes the survival journey of the heroine Amicia and her brother Hugo. It has been well received not long after its launch. The historical and supernatural-themed worldview is well-received, and has even been dubbed “Sling Legend” among players.

This new work not only adds more new weapons, but also has better action and graphics than the first generation, and will be on XGP on the first day of release. If you have played the first generation, of course you can’t miss it New work this time!





Persona 5 Royal Edition


The second long-awaited masterpiece is Persona 5 Royal Edition developed by ATLUS on PS4 in 2020.

This work is an enhanced version of Persona 5, which has sold 2.7 million copies. It not only adds the third semester and the new heroine Fang Zexia, but also adds new songs, new maps, and many other content that the original version did not have. Players will be able to once again experience the JRPG fun brought by the Phantom Thieves of the Heart.

With the change of SEGA’s policy, now not only this game will be listed on XGP, but the previous two generations of “Persona 3 Pocket Edition” and “Persona 4 Gold Edition” will also be listed on XBOX and PC platforms one after another. If you could not play because of platform differences in the past, now is your chance to enter the pit.







Do you like 4X games like Civilization or Star Wars? Then this “HUMANKIND”, developed by Amplitude Studios, the developer of “Ten Thousand Ships Wearing Stars” and “Thousands of Armies”, will definitely be your favorite.

This is a turn-based strategy game with a macro history theme. The game combines more than 60 historical civilizations from the Stone Age to the modern age. Players will start from the Stone Age, lead their own people, and gradually evolve their own culture. Each culture will contribute its own unique game layers and bonuses. Diversified cultures, diplomacy, and war developments allow players to experience a different evolution each time they play.

Although it is also a slow-paced mental time house game, if you are a player who knows how to enjoy this slow pace, I believe you can definitely understand the fun of this game!




《High On Life》


The next title may be unfamiliar just by looking at the name, but if it is said that he has the participation of the super popular American animation “Rick and Morty” team, maybe you will be a little more interested?

This is an FPS game with the theme of alien invasion of the earth. Players will play as an ordinary high school student, team up with your alien companions who can turn into guns to save the world after an alien invasion. The game has the same level of humor and action-packed combat as Rick and Morty. Players will be able to experience a super-happy interstellar adventure with these super-mouth cannon friends.

“High On Life” is expected to be officially launched on December 13. As for how crazy the game is, please experience it yourself!






If none of the above works are exciting enough, and you want to watch something really serious, then this “Scorn” developed by Ebb Software and the trailer of the world is very welcome to accept the challenge.

Contempt is an FPS horror game inspired by horror movies like Alien and The Fly, where players take on the role of a humanoid robot on an adventure on this nightmare-like planet. The game features non-linear levels, diverse interactions and a terrifying art style. Players must find various props, mechanisms and weapons in this fusion of flesh and blood, and find ways to uncover the secrets of the planet.

Although just watching the trailer and screenshots makes me feel bad, but I believe that you will definitely be able to overcome this test if you are brave?




The above is the game recommendation for this time. If you don’t want to miss these games, or want to play many games with high CP value, you may try joining Xbox/PC Game Pass.

From now until November 30, 2022, swipe Visa to subscribe to PC Game Pass and enjoy 3 months of free play! For more event details, please visit the Visa Events page.

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