New mammographs appeared in 10 hospitals in 33 regions

Mammographic devices were received in Vyazniki, Gorokhovets, Kameshkovo, Melenki, Selivanov, Sobinka, Suzdal, Yuryev-Polsky, as well as in Vladimir and Murom.

7 mammographs are already actively used in their work. It remains to commission the equipment in Vladimir, Vyazniki and Sobinka.

According to the information of the regional health department, 7 mammographs were purchased under the program “Modernization of primary health care” and 3 devices under the program “Development of health care in the Vladimir region”.

As a rule, such studies with maximum accuracy reveal various pathological changes in the tissues of the mammary glands, including oncopathology.

By the way, according to the regional health department, the new devices have extremely low radiation radiation, but the image quality is high and clear.

The use of the new equipment is already bearing fruit – in Melenki, more than 450 women were examined in three months of using the mammograph, and in two cases oncology was detected and in two more women – a suspicion of a bad diagnosis. They were referred to specialists at the regional oncological dispensary. So far, 40 studies have been carried out in Suzdal: two women were also suspected of having cancer, but in-depth diagnostics confirmed the diagnosis in only one.

The Department of Health recalls that breast cancer ranks first among cancer diagnoses in women, so early diagnosis is essential. Women over 40 should have a mammogram every two years.

By the way, under the program of modernization, hospitals in the region, in addition to mammographs, received 247 units of modern equipment – ultrasound diagnostic devices, automatic tonometers, colposcopes and much more. The delivery of new digital fluorographs is still expected by the end of this year.



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