new measures to support household living standards

To mitigate the shock caused by inflationary pressures, the government is preparing to raise the level of several benefits faster than expected. Those that fall within the scope of the Ministry of Labor will be increased from 1is July 2022 and not the 1is April 2023. This is what the bill on the preservation of purchasing power to which The world had, in part, access. According to our information, the increase will be 4%.

This measure applies in particular to the specific solidarity allowance (ASS), granted to unemployed people at the end of their entitlement. The same goes for people receiving financial assistance under the youth employment contract – a mechanism put in place at the beginning of March for the benefit of those under 26 who are struggling to enter the world of work. The upgrading also concerns people registered in an establishment for integration through employment (Epide).

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Boost for the “transport bonus”

In addition, the supplementary budget which will be presented in a few days temporarily improves the tax system of the “transport bonus”. This system concerns companies that cover all or part of the fuel expenses of their employees using a personal vehicle to go to work. At present, this benefit is exempt from income tax up to a maximum of 200 euros per year; this ceiling will be raised to 400 euros “for the years 2022 and 2023”according to ” form “ which presents the article included in the amending finance law.

In addition, the conditions for being eligible for the transport bonus will be temporarily relaxed in 2022 and 2023. All employees who use an electric, hybrid or hydrogen vehicle will be able to benefit from it. “for their journeys between their habitual residence and their place of work”.

Finally, this transport bonus may be combined, in 2022 and 2023, with the aid provided by the company to cover part of the price of a public transport subscription. The purpose of these provisions is to support employees whose standard of living is affected by soaring gas prices while facilitating the use of several means of transport (individual or collective).

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