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In the past quarter, 26 new medical specialist situations were published on, including in the field of surgery and pulmonary medicine. In addition, three new choice cards have been developed from gynecology and neurology to support joint decision-making. These choice cards provide a clear overview of the options for diagnosis and treatment for a specific condition. The home doctor is visited more than 65 million times a year.

Home doctor texts

The new Home Doctor situations relate to subjects from gynaecology, surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics, pulmonary medicine, gastro-intestinal liver medicine, plastic surgery, radiotherapy and rheumatology. Four texts were published about situations that parents with children with diabetes may encounter. The topics asbestos cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer are also discussed. Furthermore, texts have been published about medication use in rheumatism patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, Dupuytren’s disease, PEG-probes, mastocytosis.

Choice cards

The new choice card CIN2 after examination of your cervix describes the options for patients who have abnormal tissue of the cervix. The Nasty Childbirth Experience selection card shows the options for self-help, guidance and treatment after a traumatic birth. These two cards are new. In addition, an update of the Hernia in the back selection card has been published that helps to weigh up two options: surgery or continuing to move and medicines for pain.

Over is the most visited website with independent and reliable health information. Originally, this website only contained primary patient information, but since 2018 the Federation of Medical Specialists, the Dutch Association of General Practitioners (NHG) and the Patient Federation of the Netherlands have been working together on expanding it with information about specialist medical care. The Knowledge Institute of the Federation develops these texts together with the scientific associations, with funding from the Foundation for Quality Funds for Medical Specialists (SKMS).


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