New movie starring Samuthirakani in Vijay script!

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G5 has recently released some good films including ‘Lockup’, ‘KP Ranasingam’, ‘Wall’, ‘One Page Story’, ‘Malaysia to Amnesia’, ‘Dikilona’ and ‘Vinodaya Siddham’. Leading director and actor Samuthirakani will play the lead role in the film titled ‘Chithirai Sevvanam’. Pooja Kannan and Reema Kallingal play the lead roles. Sam CS is the composer for the film. Famous director Vijay is writing and releasing the film.

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Actor Samuthirakani said about the film, ‘Chithirai Sevvanam’ is a beautiful film. My brother Fight Master Silva suddenly came one day and told me a story. I did not expect such a story from him. The story is about the emotional bond between a father and a daughter, their life journey and the problems that happen in it.

Director Stunt Silva, Director Vijay told me a story. It was loud. He said it would be nice if you could run this story. It seemed to me that I could run that story too. We immediately improved the story a lot and turned it into a full screenplay. Then I told this story to Samuthirakani. The second he said, ‘Brother, when is the superhero going to be sheeting?’ That is how the movie ‘Chithirai Sevvanam’ was made.

Since I am a Fight Master, do not think that this is an action movie, it is a heart touching movie. The story is about a loving relationship between a father and daughter. The film will be seen and enjoyed by all parties. Everyone said look and support. ‘Pictorial Mars’ will be released on the ZEE5 site on December 3rd.

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