New MRI Study Reveals Covid 19’s Impact on the Brain: Correlated Diffusion Imaging Finds Changes in White Matter

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2023-06-14 18:34:55

Brain scans: Covid 19 is not only changing the lungs. Photo: Dmitriy Gutarev

New MRI shows: Covid 19 changes the brain, “Correlated Diffusion Imaging” recognizes gradual changes in the white matter

Waterloo, Toronto, PTE, 14. June 2023

researchers of University of Waterloo have a #MRT #Procedure developed that can visualize better than many existing systems, like Covid 19 the human #Brain verändert. The »Correlated Diffusion Imaging« (CDI) goes back to Alexander Wong and was now used for a study of Rotman Research Institute us des Sunnybrook Hospital deployed. Details were in »Human Brain Mapping« veröffentlicht.

brain reacts differently

According to Wong, many people assume that Covid 19 only affects the #lungs affects. ‘Our new one #MRT However, the method is very good at identifying changes in the brain. #Covid 19 changes the white substance,” the researcher knows. He had originally developed CDI to better detect cancer. The technique better represents the differences in the way water molecules move in tissue. For this purpose, MRI signals are recorded at different pulse strengths and timings and mixed together.

The researchers at Rotman Research Institute, who specialize in studying how the brain works, hypothesized that Wong’s invention could also be used to identify changes in the mind. Frontal lobe white matter CDI images show less restricted distribution of water molecules in Covid 19 patients. At the same time, those affected have a more restricted distribution in the cerebellum. Wong Nach these two areas of the brain react differently to Covid 19. The cerebellum may be more susceptible to infection. The current study also confirms the theory that Covid 19 leads to changes in the brain.

CDI also with others #Diseases

Wong therefore suggests that future research should focus on whether Covid 19 actually causes damage to brain tissue. Additional studies could also determine if Covid 19 alters gray matter. He hopes this #Research leads to improved diagnosis and treatment of Covid 19. “This could be just the beginning for CDI, though. This method could also be used to study degenerative processes in others #Diseases like Alzheimer’s or for the detection of #cancers the #Breast or the #Prostate be used.â€

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