New on TV: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

New on TV: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru, Keanu Reeves, Wallmania, Invisible, State of Emergency: New York, Links from the Past, Empire of Light, The Prize at the Big Door

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru | Minions: The Rise Of GruYes VOD + channel at 10:00 on the Hot Cinema3 channel

An animated film for the whole family. The Minions are back – how did the funniest, most loved and most yellow creatures meet the one who would become their boss, Gru, when he was just a 12-year-old boy with a dream of being the world’s most evil villain? in May: Kyle Ballad. 90 minutes, USA, 2022.

21:15 Keanu Reeves | Keanu Reeves: Pop MessiahHot8 channel + Hot VOD channel

Keanu Reeves He is one of the biggest enigmas in Hollywood. Although he tries to stay away from interviews and social media, he has become the biggest Hollywood star on the web, and today he has a unique status among the entertainment industry as well.

Volmania | Wellmania, Netflix | Netflix

Australian comedy drama series. A health crisis forces a successful food writer who lives a debauched life to recalculate a course, and she decides to dive into a journey designed to make her feel better – even if it kills her.

invisible | Unseen, Netflix | Netflix

South African crime series. A house cleaner is desperately searching for her husband. When a criminal organization overwhelms tragedies from her past, she ends up being drawn to acts of violence.

State of emergency: New York | Emergency: NYC, Netflix | Netflix

A fascinating documentary series that follows professionals who stand at the forefront of the medical profession in New York and try to balance their intense work with their personal lives.

connections from the past | KindredDisney+ Israel

The series based on the novel ‘Kindred’ by Octavia A. Butler, focuses on Dana James, a young black woman who aspires to be a writer, and who left a life full of family obligations and moved to Los Angeles with the intention of living a life that is all her own. But before she settles into her new home, she finds herself violently pulled back and forth in time. She finds herself in a plantation estate in the 19th century, a place related to Dana and her family in an intimate and unusual way. An interracial romance weaves together Dana’s past, as well as her present, and the clock is ticking as she struggles to confront secrets that flowed in her blood without her knowledge, in a series that breaks the boundaries of the genre and explores what unites people.

Empire of Light | Empire of LightDisney+ Israel

The Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, Sam Mendes, presents a touching drama about the power of human connection in difficult times. The plot focuses on an old movie theater in an English coastal town in the early 1980s, and follows Hilary – the director of the movie theater who experiences mental difficulties, and Stephen – a new employee who longs to escape from the provincial town and faces daily troubles. Hilary and Stephen together experience a sense of belonging in their surprising and sensitive relationship and experience the healing power of music, cinema and community. With: Olivia Coleman, Michael Ward, Colin Firth. 119 minutes, UK, 2022.

The prize is at the big door | The Big Door PrizeApple TV +

Comedy series. A small town is changed forever when a mysterious machine appears, promising to reveal everyone’s true potential. Soon, residents will begin changing jobs, rethinking relationships and questioning long-held beliefs.


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