New poll of mandates: Jewish power soars, the Zionist spirit does not pass

The elections are approaching, and there is still no decision between the blocs. A new mandate survey by Maariv newspaper and the Panels Politics Institute led by Menachem Lazar indicates that if the elections were held today this is how the mandate picture would look:

  • Likud 32
  • There is a future 25
  • The state camp 12
  • Shas 8
  • Torah Judaism 7
  • Otzma Yehudit 7
  • The joint list 6
  • Religious Zionism 5
  • The work 5
  • Israel is our home 5
  • Rem 4
  • March 4 (3.7%)

The significant news in the survey is in the center-left sector, where despite the choice of former Chief of Staff Eisenkot Bagantz over Lapid, Yesh Atid continues to strengthen and stabilize on a respectable number of mandates. The state camp is also strengthening, but not as expected.

Smutrich’ under Ben Gabir

In the right sector, Itamar Ben Gabir once again bypasses Smotrich and receives with Otzma Yehudit no less than seven mandates. Religious Zionism is satisfied with five mandates, and the Zionist spirit does not exceed the percentage of obstruction at all. It should be noted that Maariv’s survey is one of the only surveys that passed Shaked.

Still below the blocking percentage: Yaron Zelicha’s Economic Party, Eli Avidar’s Free Israel and Yossi Brodani’s Jewish Home. The picture of the blocs, as mentioned, is still undecided when, according to the survey, the Netanyahu bloc has 59 seats and the current coalition bloc has 55 seats.

737 members of the panel of Panel4All respondents participated in the survey to conduct research on the Internet. The survey was conducted on a representative sample of the adult population in the State of Israel aged 18 and over, Jews and Arabs alike. The maximum sampling error in this survey is 4.2%


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