New postponement of the launch of the Spanish Miura rocket due to the strong wind in Huelva

New postponement of the launch of the Spanish Miura rocket due to the strong wind in Huelva

2023-06-10 09:23:25


On May 31, the mission was aborted after having completed the complete sequence of the launch timeline.

The Miura 1 rocket at the base of El Arenosillo (Huelva).ALBERTO DIAZEM

The launch of the Miura 1the rocket designed and built by the Elche company PLD Spacehas been postponed for the second time, due, as on May 31, to the detected high-altitude winds, which do not guarantee the success of the mission.

PLD Space has announced on its social networks the postponement of the launch, scheduled from Moguer (Huelva): “The high-altitude winds forecast for this weekend in the launch area, and with the last radiosonde carried out, violate the forecast limits and do not allow Miura 1 launch operations to proceed.”

Ace, it is postponed “until new scheduled window”has indicated, without specifying when the launch was scheduled, although citing the weather forecasts for this weekend.

On May 31, the mission was aborted after having carried out the complete sequence of the launch chronology, which had turned out to be entirely correct.

We will have to wait to see the Miura 1 fly, named after the brave cattle breeder and as a symbol of the Spanish brand, and see how it becomes the first one hundred percent Spanish private rocket to go into space and thereby value the work in 2011 started in Elche (Alicante) the engineers Ral Torres y Green Ral with 3,000 euros, which today translates into three offices and more than a hundred employees.

The main objective of this first flight is to check the operation of key technologies in flight, something that has not been possible to date: the thrust profile of the engine in flight conditions, the aerodynamic behavior of the launcher, the monitoring of the nominal trajectory , the nominal behavior of all subsystems under real conditions and exposure to real spatial conditions.

The designed flight has a expected duration of six minutes in which microgravity and apogee conditions are reached at an altitude of 80 kilometers and a team from PLD Space will be in charge of collecting the rocket from the Atlantic Oceanonce the ditching has been completed.

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