new rights for travelers in the event of delay or cancellation

new rights for travelers in the event of delay or cancellation

2023-06-09 14:28:16

The revision of the rights of rail passengers, adopted in June 2021 by the Parliament of the European Union, has been in force since Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The text strengthens the rights of passengers in the Union but also those of transport companies. The objective: to encourage train journeys.

► Better compensation for missed connections

The new text provides for better compensation for travelers who have missed their connection after the delay of a first train. If the journeys, with the connection, were purchased from the same seller, then the latter will reimburse the total price of the journey and will pay in addition 75% of the ticket price as compensation.

Refunds must be made within 30 days of receipt of the request.

► Other means of transport in the event of a train cancellation

In the event of train cancellations, carriers now have the obligation to offer an alternative route via another operator (when possible) or another mode of transport to injured users. This proposal will be added to that of reimbursement of the journey, which is already compulsory.

The new route will be fully paid for by the railway company, even if the user has to travel in a higher class. After a certain period (100 minutes from the time of departure) the traveler can even take an alternative ticket himself and be fully reimbursed for his expenses.

► Equal accessibility for travelers with disabilities

People with disabilities or reduced mobility are not forgotten by the text. Carriers must, again in the case of a train cancellation, provide these users with a comparable level of accessibility for all replacement journeys.

In addition, railway companies are obliged to compensate or temporarily replace mobility equipment that they have damaged. For example the injury of a service dog.

► Limited hotel nights

Companies are also seeing their rights evolve. Regarding hotel nights, the new text now limits the accommodation of travelers stranded in the station. Previously, the carrier had to provide meals, beverages and hotel accommodation until the user could depart. This obligation is now limited to 3 days.

► No refund for exceptional circumstances

Trips canceled due to exceptional circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions or people on the tracks, are no longer necessarily compensated by the companies.

Until now, in the event of cancellation or delay of more than 60 minutes, the passenger was entitled to compensation of 25% of the ticket price for a delay ranging from 60 minutes to 119 minutes and 50% for any delay at least 120 minutes.

Now the reason for the delay comes into play. If it does not depend on the operator, the latter can refuse compensation. Note that staff strikes are not considered an exceptional circumstance in this new text.

For its part, the SNCF indicated on June 7 that it is maintaining its compensation rules in the event of exceptional circumstances. Even when the causes are external.

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