New virus spreads – US bans travel to 8 countries, including South Africa |

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As the spread of the newly transformed corona has increased in South Africa, various countries have banned flights from that country.


A new type of corona virus found in South Africa poses a major threat in Europe.

Scientists said in a preliminary study that the new type of corona virus, P1.1.529, contained spike protein, which has the potential to inactivate vaccines that have already been given to the virus.

The virus, which was found in South Africa, has been confirmed to have spread to neighboring countries. Due to this, the countries of the world are banning flights from 7 countries in the South African region one by one.

In this case, the United States has banned travel to 7 countries in the South African region.

It is noteworthy that countries including Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom have already banned flights from South Africa and its neighbors.

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