New ‘visual identity’ for the Chiesi Group

Rome, 22 March ( Health)

Chiesi, an international research-oriented pharmaceutical group, today presents its new ‘visual identity’, inspired by the words and experiences of patients. The announcement, explains the Chesi Group itself in a note, “marks a further step forward in the continuous effort undertaken to create a truly empathic corporate culture towards patients and aligned with the highest ethical and sustainability standards to which Chiesi adheres as Benefit company and B Corp certified company “.

In this process, the Chiesi Group has followed a new approach “listening to the needs of patients, families and caregivers and empathizing with them by making their daily life experiences and the management of the disease their own. The result provided a vision. of the perception that patients have of their condition, and has created a solid emotional basis for the conception of the new visual identity of the Group, also through a series of workshops, which saw the participation of the same Chiesi people from different functions and Countries “.

“Our new visual identity, and our approach to developing it, is the first public manifestation of our culture as a B Corp certified company, which puts the patient first – said Alberto Chiesi, president of the Chiesi Group – We want to make sure that the empathy is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone at Chiesi must be empowered to truly understand the needs of our patients and their experiences in managing chronic and rare diseases day after day. What we have learned during this process it is of inestimable value. We will continue to promote active listening among our patients, collaborators and caregivers, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people in a responsible way both from a social and environmental point of view “.

“This is an extremely important moment for Chiesi, which is forging a unique approach to the pharmaceutical industry,” added Martin Lindstrom, brand transformation and corporate culture expert and founder of the Lindstrom Company, who supported Chiesi in the creative process. . “The rebranding – he explains – is the demonstration of Chiesi’s commitment to patients and adapts to their way of expressing themselves. This highlights the attention paid by Chiesi to the concepts of empathy and authenticity, which the sector is in dire need of”.

With the new visual identity, the Chiesi Group has redefined the communication of the brand structure starting from its 3 therapeutic areas Air, Rare and Care. In addition to a new color scheme, the names of the therapeutic areas are inspired by the use of non-medical language used by patients: Air includes products and services in the respiratory field, from infants to adults; Rare focuses on the search for innovative solutions and personalized services to improve the quality of life of patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases; Care combines products and services to support specialized care and products for the care and well-being of the person provided by health professionals.

“The launch of our new visual identity is the starting point for many other changes that will be gradually introduced to implement a truly empathy-driven approach to patients – said Ugo Di Francesco, CEO of the Chiesi Group – Our goal is to make life easier for our patients and those who take care of them. To achieve this, we are working in all the Group’s offices on various projects such as the application of artificial intelligence to help patients dose their drugs or new packs that are instantly recognizable by color blind patients “.

Furthermore, the Chiesi Group is continuing its path to become a completely sustainable company. One area that is paying particular attention is that of climate change. The company will present new goals with the 2020 version of the Sustainability Report, which will be released in June.


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