New York Jets’ Benching of Zach Wilson: What You Need to Know

New York Jets’ Benching of Zach Wilson: What You Need to Know

The New York Jets have decided to bench quarterback Zach Wilson in favor of Tim Boyle, a move that has been a long time coming. This will be the third time the Jets have benched Wilson, and it is unlikely that he will get another chance to start for the team.

Originally, the plan was for Wilson to spend the year learning from Aaron Rodgers. However, when Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury in Week 1, the Jets were left without a veteran quarterback to lead their offense. Despite a few surprising wins for the team, Wilson’s performance has been consistently poor, leading to his eventual benching.

In fact, Wilson has been the worst performing quarterback in the league by advanced statistical metrics. His passer rating, completion percentage, and third-down conversion percentage have all been near the bottom of the league for the past few years. Based on these numbers, it seems unlikely that Wilson will have another opportunity to start for the Jets.

In his place, Tim Boyle will take over as the starting quarterback for the Jets. While Boyle may not have impressive stats as an NFL starter, his quick decision-making and confidence in the huddle have impressed his teammates. With an ever-changing offensive line, Boyle’s ability to get the ball out quickly will be a valuable asset for the Jets.

At the time of his benching, Wilson had completed just 7 of his 15 passes for 81 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. Boyle, on the other hand, has completed 60.8 percent of his passes for 607 yards, three touchdowns, and nine interceptions during his career.

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The decision to bench Wilson and start Boyle is a significant one for the Jets, and it remains to be seen how this change will impact the team’s performance moving forward.


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