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Encouraged opioid addiction, according to a New York jury decision. For the company this is a failure, while it is still facing thousands of additional lawsuits related to the opioid affair across the United States.

The ruling, which follows a nearly six-month trial in New York State Court in a state-filed case, does not currently include compensation, which will be determined later. The jury debated more than eight days before reaching the verdict.

New York Attorney General Letia James called the decision a “significant day” for the state and for “every family and community torn apart by the opioids.” Jane Conroy and Hunter Shkolnik, who represent two counties in the state, also described the decision as a “massive victory.”

The company, on the other hand, rejected the allegations and said that it “strongly opposes the jury’s determination, and is preparing to file an appeal soon, in addition to upholding the motion to dismiss the case, as filed before the jury convened to discuss the issue. In New York, prosecutors “Medical, suspicious or biased orders, no evidence of oversupply – or even an indication of the appropriate supply volume – have not established a causal link between marketing and harm.”

“Prior to the jury’s hearing, Teva filed a motion to dismiss the case in light of incorrect information provided by the state to the jury, which claimed that the amount of opioids distributed in New York was 500 times the amount actually taken.”

Last September, Teva also reached a settlement with the state attorney general of the state of Louisiana, which settles the state’s lawsuits dealing with opioids. The agreement is subject to final approval by the state on November 1st. Under the agreement all the counties in the state release Teva from the claims as part of the arrangement.

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