New York negotiates with cruise companies to accommodate immigrants in the face of the asylum seeker crisis it suffers

New York City is currently negotiating with four cruise lines to temporarily accommodate immigrants on their empty boats in the face of the migratory crisis that the city is experiencing, which today led Mayor Eric Adams to declare a state of emergency.

Adams’s chief of staff, Frank Carone, said that among these companies are Carnival Cruise Line and Tallink & Silja, the latter flying the Estonian flag and with some experience in hosting Ukrainian refugees who fled the Russian invasion, according to reports. local media.

The negotiations have left out the famous Norwegian Cruise Line, with which it has been negotiating for weeks but which has asked for too high a price, so the mayor’s office is now looking for “better agreements”, without having closed any yet.

The mayor explained today that the shelter system is practically fullfor which he requested urgent help from the federal and state governments and demanded a coordinated plan to transfer immigrants to other locations in the country.

According to Adams, Since last April, more than 17,000 asylum seekers, mostly South Americans, have been bused to New York from the southern border of the United shipments organized by the state government, dominated by hardline Republicans.

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Precisely the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, responded almost immediately to Adams’ emergency declaration on his Twitter account, where he wrote: “Shelter cities like New York suffer a FRACTION of what the border populations of Texas face daily . Will follow busing emigrants to New York, Washington, and Chicago“, cities all with Democratic mayors.

These shipments will continue, Abbott continued, “until (President Joe) Biden does his job of securing the border.”


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