New York, red-eyed cicadas arriving by the billions in May –

Precise. If there is a quality in cicadas, especially North American red-eyed cicadas, accuracy. There are various species, but they can be grouped into two groups: the first group consisting of species with a life cycle of 13 years, the second (Magicicada seventeen) aged 17. The latter, after the deposition of the eggs, spend almost all their life underground in the larval state. At the end of the seventeenth year, as if they had a calendar, they come out of the ground, go into the trees, become adult insects and mate. To then lay eggs and die. Confident that the descendants 17 years later will repeat the same cycle. The species known since the eighteenth century, when the settlers on the eastern coasts of what would become the United States and Canada noticed this cyclical phenomenon. The species was described and classified by Linnaeus even in 1758 and Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, spoke of it in one of his writings in 1775.


This year, usually towards the end of May, cicadas will come out of the ground by the billions. In the parks of New York, from Central Park to the Bronx, they expect a peaceful invasion because, unlike the devastating grasshoppers, they are completely harmless to both humans and crops, apart from the annoyance of the intense chirping. After about 40-45 days, the insects will swarm to the west, where they will end their life cycle in the central-western states.

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January 27, 2021 (change January 27, 2021 | 16:54)

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