New Zealand to ban single-use e-cigarettes and tantalizing flavor names

New Zealand to ban single-use e-cigarettes and tantalizing flavor names

2023-06-06 11:18:59

“Too many young people are vaping, which is why we are taking action to prevent this from happening. » Single-use electronic cigarettes will be banned in New Zealand from August, Health Minister Ayesha Verrall announced Tuesday, June 6 in this country, which intends to gradually achieve an almost total ban on tobacco.

Disposable electronic cigarettes will be considered those that do not have a removable or replaceable battery. It will also now be prohibited to open an electronic cigarette store near a school or « marae »the name given to places where Maori congregate, she added.

The names of flavors of liquids for electronic cigarettes as enticing as ” Daddy’s beard “ or “Strawberry Jelly Donut” will be prohibited, in favor of a generic name such as “a lot”.

Ms Verrall explained that the government intends to find the right balance between the need to prevent young people from starting to vape and that of allowing smokers to use them to quit.

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A necessity to preserve youth

Six months ago, New Zealand announced that the sale of cigarettes would be banned to anyone currently under the age of 14, raising the smoking age each year until the entire population is covered.

The rate of adult smokers in this country is already relatively low, at 8%. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins nevertheless claimed that the new vaping restrictions are necessary for young people. “We heard from parents, teachers and principals worrying that a lifelong bad habit is setting in for many people at a young age”said Mr. Hipkins.

The restrictions come a month after neighboring Australia announced similar measures on vaping, with the government accusing the tobacco industry of wanting to make teens the next “generation addicted to nicotine”.

According to a 2021 study by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, nearly one in five school-age teenagers vape at least once a day in New Zealand.

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