News 24 | Saud Medical: 5 measures to prevent peptic ulcer

King Saud Medical City advised, today (Monday), to follow 5 measures to prevent peptic ulcer infection, most notably quitting smoking, and not taking medications without a medical prescription.

She added that to avoid peptic ulcers, one must also pay attention to general hygiene, eat healthy and well-cooked food, wash vegetables carefully, and not use other people’s personal items.

It should be noted that peptic ulcer is one of the problems of the digestive system, which affects the stomach specifically and may sometimes affect the upper part of the small intestine, causing acute ulcers that may cause severe pain in the abdomen.

The city explained that among its symptoms are peptic ulcer, feeling hungry 1-3 hours after eating, vomiting and nausea, feeling sharp abdominal pain, feeling uncomfortable and permanent fatigue, and sometimes losing weight.


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