News 24 | Sources for News 24: Amending the age of those allowed to enter designated smoking areas

Informed sources confirmed the amendment of the age of those allowed to enter designated smoking places from 18 to 21 years old.

Sources from within the Shura Council revealed toNews 24“The amendment approved by the Council today occurred in the ninth paragraph of Article Seven, which states the following:

“Public places not mentioned in the previous paragraphs, provided that in the event that smoking sites are found in the places classified under this paragraph, the person responsible for them must take into account that they are isolated and in the narrowest limits, and no one under eighteen years of age may enter them, and the regulations specify implementation criteria for the application of this paragraph.

The sources confirmed that the amendment came to the text of the article related to the age allowed to smoke and to enter the places designated for smokers from 18 years to read (and no one under twenty-one years old shall enter it).

The Shura Council had agreed today (Tuesday) to amend some articles of the anti-smoking system, and the Council took its decision after hearing the report of the Health Committee on the proposed draft amendment to some articles of the system.

It is worth mentioning that the anti-smoking system was approved by the Council of Ministers and has been in force since the end of Safar 1434 AH. It consists of 20 articles. The system defines smoking as the use of tobacco and its derivatives.

The system aims to combat smoking, prohibiting the cultivation of tobacco and its derivatives in the Kingdom, and increasing fees on tobacco and its derivatives by a decision of the Council of Ministers. The warnings specified in the executive regulations are clarified on the box, ensuring that tobacco conforms to specifications, smoking in public places, and the sale and import of children’s toys in the form of Cigarettes and the like. Advertising and promotion of tobacco and its derivatives is also prohibited. Government agencies must educate citizens. Ministries and government departments are responsible for detecting and issuing violations and imposing fines.


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