Nice catch from the Vesdre police zone during a “Social Laws” check

Two sanctions of immediate closure with sealing and a sum in consignment were pronounced against two managers of establishments, as well as six summonses to appear, she communicated on Tuesday.

The operation was organized in partnership with the FPS Health, the FPS Finances, Onem, the ONSS, and the labor auditor.

In Dison, the first team thus checked several establishments, where two summonses to appear were issued for undeclared people. In Verviers, two people working without an employment contract, while the manager is abroad, have been identified in a business. In another, verifications must be carried out due to the absence of an account book on site.

A second team checked another establishment in Dison, where various offenses were also noted, in particular for three undeclared people. A summons to appear was also issued. In Verviers, the controllers surprised an apprentice who was working outside his scheduled hours and noticed problems in the keeping of the cash book.

Finally, still in Verviers, various irregularities were observed in two businesses. In one, two individuals who would depend on the CPAS were working. In the other, a summons to appear was pronounced for an undeclared person and for foreign labour. A report for illegal stay was also drawn up there.


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