NieR: Automata director wants his character to be in Smash Bros.

NieR: Automata director wants his character to be in Smash Bros.

Thursday, November 10, 2022, 14:51 minutes 06 seconds, Indochina time

Yoko Taro director NieR: Automata has revealed in a new interview that he wants his game characters to be in the game. Smash Bros. while sitting and discussing the release in Nintendo Switch of NieR: Automata which was launched on October 6, 2022.

For more than 5 years that NieR: Automata It was first released on another platform by Taro Talk about the legacy of the game over the past few years. Taro also detailing why the game was moved to Nintendo Switch And he also revealed that he wants the team to make games. NieR: Automata on Nintendo Switch sooner so that his character can be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can

Although being on the platform Nintendo may make the game NieR: Automata advantage for characters like 2B or 9S to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate But it’s worth noting that the other characters that appear in the game’s final list are not available on the platform. Nintendo all from the start

For example, the character DLC first of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that is Joker from Persona 5 which is not released for Nintendo Switch until October 2022, sobusiness decisions andThe licensing issue could be a lot more than the game just appeared on the machine. Console of Nintendo

In an interview with Nintendolife side Yoko Taro director NieR: Automata were questioned about the success of NieR: Automata and his answer was “Not everyone might believe this. But the real reason why NieR: Automata is so popular is… A perfection that happens by chance!!”

in addition Yosuke Saito producer of NieR: Automata was also interviewed. And he believes it’s a combination of great characters, interesting worlds, weird music. and great action that made the game a success. When they were asked how it felt to see NieR: Automata on Nintendo Switch Finally, the answer of Taro was focused on Smash Bros. more than the game itself “I’m really disappointed that we couldn’t get into Smash Bros in time…” Taro said (ha)

While it is unclear whether 2B or 9S or even A3 will be in Smash Bros. or if the game is released on Nintendo Switch faster, however, the game NieR: Automata It has been very popular. They even have an anime series. NieR: Automata The game is in development, which will be released in January 2023. The game’s popularity also led to the first game. NieR which has been Remastered in 2021 under the name NieR Replicant

characters like 2B, 9S and A3 would suit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate There is a huge variety in the character roster. and seeing one of the main characters from NieR: Automata who fight with Sora, Cloud and Sephiroth should make fans Square Enix Most of them are excited and happy. Although the support DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will end but it seems NieR: Automata will remain in the hearts of many gamers.

NieR: Automata Now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One


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