Constant back pain, feeling of stiffness, limited movement and fatigue. These are the typical symptoms of spondyloarthritis, a type of arthritis characterized by the involvement of the spine and pelvis: chronic and progressively debilitating inflammatory diseases, which can sometimes be confused with other diseases characterized by similar symptoms, delaying diagnosis and access to treatments. In order to raise awareness among the population and help them better understand the type of back pain they suffer, to promptly arrive at a correct diagnosis and the most suitable therapies thanks to the help of the reference specialist, the rheumatologist, the Sickness campaign was born. back from nightmare, which is developed above all on the web, through a digital campaign, a dedicated section on the website, the Facebook and Instagram channels and an exercise program designed for the well-being of the back.

Inflammatory back pain for one in five adults

Back pain is a problem that sooner or later affects everyone in the course of life: more than 80% of people have at least one episode in their lifetime. The causes can be many and not always easy to identify and if the factors causing pain can be different, but the symptoms are often the same. That’s why people with chronic back pain may go undiagnosed or minimize the underlying cause of the pain. It is good to know that there are basically two types of back pain, mechanical and inflammatory, and to understand the fundamental cause in order to reach the reference specialist and the most appropriate treatment. The Nightmare Back Pain campaign, promoted by Novartis with the patronage of patient associations and in collaboration with Postura da Paura, aims to inform about inflammatory back pain, an underdiagnosed and often disabling disease, which affects about one in five adults (20 % of the adult population suffers from back pain that lasts for more than three months). It often appears before the age of 40 and is characterized by persistence of pain for three or more months, morning stiffness that improves with movement or exercise, intermittent pain in the buttocks. Symptoms worsen with rest, especially intensifying in the morning or at night. This discomfort can affect sleep quality and one of the reasons why many people with inflammatory back pain also have sleep disturbances.

Irreparable damage if proper care is not followed

Those suffering from spondyloarthritis often have a complicated diagnostic-therapeutic path: the delay in diagnosis (it is estimated on average over seven years to get to correctly frame the disease) still today represents a serious obstacle to the normal life of patients, which are added to the worsening of the situation because if not treated adequately the disease worsens causing irreparable damage. A series of scientific studies shows that the earlier you start treatment, with one of the several effective therapies that are now available, the better: you have lower levels of disease activity and fewer complications. Often in the common mentality back pain is mistakenly confused with age-related pain, when instead a systemic pathology that does not only affect the elderly, but also young people and people in the midst of working life – says Silvia Tonolo, president of the Association National Rheumatic Patients (ANMAR) -. The role of the family doctor is therefore also fundamental, in knowing how to identify the symptoms and direct the patient in the correct way. The same collaboration between patient, general practitioner and rheumatologist becomes a crucial point of the care path that lasts a lifetime: the rheumatologist, in fact, can identify the pathology, speed up the diagnostic-therapeutic path, improve pain management and reduce it. thus the impact on the quality of life.

The initiative: information and exercises

Physical exercise, if practiced consistently and with the right movements, can be a benefit. For this reason, Novartis, in collaboration with Postura da Paura, has created a series of videos designed specifically for those suffering from back pain. On the social channels Facebook @Saichelasa and Instagram @Saichelasa, a new video a week with tips and exercises to be done at home against this pathology. The expert and founder of Postura da Fear, Sara Compagni, will lead the way in conducting the exercises of the Nightmare Program. Furthermore, in the section dedicated to the campaign on the website you can find useful information, practical advice and an important evaluation test for back pain symptoms. Regular physical activity is of great help because it contributes to improving the general well-being of people with chronic diseases, including rheumatic diseases and inflammatory back pain – underlines Daniele Conti, director of the Emilia Romagna Rheumatic Disease Association (AMRER) -. Making the right movements makes you feel good both mentally and physically. Regular exercise strengthens our joints, decreases bone loss and can be helpful in pain control.Projects like these are very important because they help increase the level of information about the disease, but at the same time they can provide valuable tools. able to improve the quality of life of patients – concludes Antonella Celano, president of the National Association of People with Rheumatological and Rare Diseases (APMARR) -. Early intervention in rheumatic diseases means not worsening the course and it is important not to underestimate the symptoms of the disease and to promptly contact your doctor, who can refer you to the reference specialist, the rheumatologist.

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