NightWatch Seizure Detection System: Cost-Effective and Reliable Support for Children with Epilepsy

NightWatch Seizure Detection System: Cost-Effective and Reliable Support for Children with Epilepsy

2023-06-01 08:24:42

Child with epilepsy using NightWatch seizure detection system. Photo: Liv Assured BV

Support for families with epilepsy: Reliable and cost-effective Night Watch for children

Leiden, The Netherlands, May 30, 2023

Liv Assured BV, manufacturer of the leading multimodal #Epilepsy #detectiondevice Night Watch, announces the results of a comprehensive scientific study from the Netherlands. In the study, the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the NightWatch as a wearable device in the detection of sleep-related epilepsy seizures #children occupied at home.

Nocturnal epileptic seizures are often overlooked, although they can lead to dangerous situations that carry the risk of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). Â If your child suffers a severe (prolonged, motor, tonic-clonic) seizure during the night, you as the parent/caregiver want to be there for safety and support. But how do you wake up in time?

In a groundbreaking research project, fifty-three children aged 4 to 16 were observed with their families in their homes over an extended period of time before and during NightWatch use.

NightWatch is a certified medical product, a so-called WSDD (Wearable Seizure Detection Device) that warns caregivers if it detects high-risk epileptic seizures during sleep. The PROMISE study was carried out as part of a collaboration between the Dutch institutes SEIN, Kempenhaeghe, UMC Maastricht and UMC Utrecht. During the study, NightWatch detected 492 out of a total of 552 severe motor seizures with an average detection sensitivity of 100 percent. In addition, the use of the NightWatch led to a significant reduction in stress levels among parents and caregivers.

Doctor Roland Thijs, neurologist and study leader, emphasizes the urgent need for reliable seizure detection: ‘The majority of nocturnal epileptic seizures go unnoticed, while such seizures lead to a potentially dangerous situation can. This study underscores the important role a reliable seizure detection system like NightWatch plays in the context of safety and support for families affected by epilepsy.”

Within just two months of using NightWatch, caregivers report a significant reduction in their stress levels. Another important result of the study is the significant reduction in healthcare costs after integrating NightWatch into the daily routine of the family.

German and Austrian doctors in the field of neurology and neuropediatrics already frequently prescribe the NightWatch as the standard epilepsy seizure detection system in the home environment. Most of the reimbursement is made via the #Health Insurance.

“We are committed to making seizure detection possible for all those affected by epilepsy, and we are optimistic that these study results will further improve the already very good cooperation with the German and Austrian health insurance companies,” says #Night #Watch Country manager for Germany and Austria, Birgit-Elisabeth Langen.

professor dr Angela M. Kaindl, Director of the Clinic for Pediatrics with a focus #Neurology the #Charity in #Berlin: »We inform all patients with epilepsy and their families about complications including SUDEP. The naming of risk minimization measures is crucial here, so that families can take an active role. In addition to seizure control, the offer of nightly monitoring in particular, we also offer lay resuscitation courses. It is very gratifying that there is now this scientific study on the use of NightWatch in the home environment.«

Liv Assured BV

Liv Assured BV was founded 10 years ago as a start-up in the Netherlands to develop, manufacture and market the NightWatch. The head office is in Leiden, the Netherlands. The Night Watch Epilepsy Seizure Detection System is currently available in Europe and is supported by the German and Austrian health insurance companies.

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