Nilgiri Collector Change; Ruling party’s anarchy: Annamalai frenzy

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Annamalai, the leader of the Tamil Nadu BJP, has accused the ruling Nilgiris Collector Innocent Divya of being an example of “those in power acting dishonestly”.

In this regard, he said: The Nilgiris, the first ecological zone in the country, declared by the UNESCO. It is an important part of the biodiversity hotspot. That’s it, there are a large number of Asian elephants.

Court order

In the forests of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, elephants have long used specific migratory routes as their routes for food, water and breeding.

Known as the ‘Heart of the Elephant Corridor’, the elephant enclave in the Mudumalai region has been illegally occupied and many cottages and resorts have been built. As a result, elephant routes have been blocked, which has been strongly opposed by conservationists and social activists. A social activist filed a case in the Chennai High Court in 2011 seeking the removal of encroachments on the elephant route.

Around 7,000 acres in the areas around Machinagudi, Banana Plantation, Bokapuram, Mawanella around Mudumalai in the Nilgiris, 821 cottages were found to be on the elephant route. The Chennai High Court has ordered the removal of these. Against that, the cottage owners appealed to the Supreme Court.
Currently, a case related to this is pending. The Supreme Court, which heard the case, has ordered that Nilgiris Collector Innocent Divya, who is a key member of the Elephant Route Rescue Team, should not be removed from there until those works are completed.


Following this, Innocent Divya prepared an elephant route map and report. He found the resorts and buildings that had been built across the Elephant Route and made those things take place in the report and filed it in the Supreme Court.

If the map is finalized by the Supreme Court, all the buildings along the Elephant Route will have to be demolished. Done.
It was at this point that resort owners, businessmen and politicians tried to persuade Divya to relocate after the regime change, capturing many at the top of the DMK.

Many are intimidating Divya. They even said, ‘We will abduct those who are at home.’ Thus, Divya went on long leave, citing her physical condition. When he tried to return to work on Nov. 5, he was intimidated by those in power. Thus, he extended the leave.
Already, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government seeking the transfer of the Collector for administrative reasons as the Supreme Court had issued an order not to relocate Divya till the issue is resolved.
Immediately, the court, after consulting the plaintiffs, granted permission to transfer the Nilgiris Collector.

Legal struggle

Following this, Innocent Divya was hastily removed from the post and Amrit was declared the Collector of the Nilgiris District and he too immediately accepted the post. Businessmen, resort owners and the ruling party who benefit from them think that if Innocent Divya is removed from there, the illegally constructed buildings and resorts can be saved.

The Tamil Nadu BJP will not sit idly by looking at this issue. In this matter, the BJP will no longer pay separate attention. Make sure nothing goes wrong. How the new collector behaves will also be monitored. If something goes wrong, we will knock immediately. For that, prepare to wage a legal battle. Not only that, Innocent Divya Moodisil owns a number of illegally operating cottages in the Nilgiris district.

In the panchayat areas of the Nilgiris district, the panchayat councils have the power to issue building permits. He changed it and instituted the practice of obtaining permission from the Collector’s Office. As a result, many panchayat leaders are eager to replace Divya as they are unable to earn money.

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The Government of Tamil Nadu should allow the authorities to operate freely. Otherwise, the BJP will wage a huge struggle. The Tamil Nadu government did not provide a replacement for Innocent Divya. This is also a betrayal of an official. It was expected that such anarchy would take place once the DMK came to power. For that, leaving everything as it is, the BJP, will not pass.Thus he said.

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