NIMS Medicity Diabetes Awareness Program : Nattu Visesham

Thiruvananthapuram: Neyatinkara NIMS Medicity and Lions Club Int. A year-long issue jointly organized by the National Meha awareness program will start on 14th of this month.
On 14th at 7 in the morning, the city police will start the operation from Kanakakku. Commissioner Spurgeon Kumar will flag off.
Then from 9 am to 1 pm Thiruvallam Lions Saujanya Premeha Medical Camp and Awareness Class held at Bhavan Tucumenu District Governor Lion Dr.A. Kannan announced at the press conference.

Block Panchayat members

The complaint was insulted

Nedumangad: During the association committee with Vellanad Hospital, block pa The hospital clerk complained that the members of the chayat were insulted. Mark list related to interview held at Wellanad Hospital Block Vice President S.L. Krishnakumari, members Kannan S. Lal, V. Ramesh and Srilata complained that Clark Krishnakumar insulted them. done BDO, DSP, Health Minister, SC-ST Commission The block panchayat members filed a complaint.


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