Ninet Tayeb: “If Yehuda Levy comes, I will faint”

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Ninet Tayeb: “If Yehuda Levy comes, I will faint”

On the Israel-Los Angeles line, we caught Ninet Tayeb filming for a new and especially profitable campaign. Last night (Wednesday) she revealed to the “Guy Pines” system the salary she receives, and how she feels about the union with the mythological ex Ran Danker

Guy Pines

| Posted 26/05/22 7:00

Ninet Tayeb came to visit her homeland combined with work on a new campaign for the “Kitchens” chain, for which she received a check for NIS 1,000,000. Last night she told “Good Evening with Guy Pines” why she is willing to reveal her salary, and what she thinks about the union with Ren Danker.

“Women still earn 30 percent less than men, even though they work the same job. The fact that women earn such sums is definitely something to be proud of,” the singer said.

These days she is working on filming the new season of “The Next Star” and already this week was her first meeting with the mythological ex Ren Danker who joined the judging panel. The Israeli audience that loves nostalgia cuddles up to their union. “We realized that’s what’s going to happen, we’re really the sound of everything. It’s not related to us in any way. It’s related to where they were at that point in time when they saw ‘Our Song,’ “It was really deep, I tried to dissect to drop it a bit but that’s the whole story. They miss what they were while they saw it. It has nothing to do with me and Ran. Maybe Yehuda Levy will come.” As a contestant, then they will surprise me and I will faint. “

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