Niní Marshall, in memory | Cuyo’s diary

Niní Marshall, in memory |  Cuyo’s diary

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On March 18, 1996, Niní Marshall, Argentine actress and screenwriter, died. She was born on June 1, 1903 in Buenos Aires, she began as a writer in the magazine Sintonía in the ’30s. After dabbling in the radio, thanks to her humor, she was invited to form a duo that would become historic with Juan Carlos Thorry. “Catita” and “Cándida” were the characters that brought her to stardom, which she played in several of her films. She also triumphed in the theater with the concert café show “Y se no nos fue redepente”, and she continued to work tirelessly until 1980, later to do so sporadically. She died at the age of 92 on March 18, 1996 after respiratory problems, of which no further details were reported at the express request of her family. This talented actress is already a legend for all Argentines.

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