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NintendoAfter announcing the acquisition of CG production company Dynamo Pictures in mid-July this year and changing its name to “Nintendo Pictures”, the acquisition was officially announced today.

Dynamo Pictures was established on March 18, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Kanda Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The number of employees is 105, and Hirokawa ひろし serves as the president. In addition to the original Shirokawa Atsushi, the board members also include a later acquisition by Nintendo. After joining Koizumi, Imamoto, and Hatayama Junzhi, the company changed its name to Nintendo Pictures after becoming a 100%-owned subsidiary of Nintendo.

Before that, Dynamo Pictures was involved in the post-production of visual content for games including Death Stranding, Persona 5 character action, and Metroid: Another M.In addition to games, Dynamo Pictures has also participated in a variety ofMovieanimationand other visual content production.

With the announcement of the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures, it is expected that Nintendo will use its technology to produce visual content of game works, and may also extend its game works to create content such as movies and animations, such as the live-action movie “Super Mario Bros.”, which is expected to be released in 2023. , may be post-processed by Dynamo Pictures technology, but mainly by Illumination.

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He actually measured that the 5G download speed in this place exceeded 1,000 Mbps, and the network exclaimed, “There is also a good place to watch the disk in the park.”

Where is the fastest internet park in Taiwan? A Taipei netizen recently discovered that Daan Forest Park can be called a “5G powerhouse”. He actually measured the speed of 5G remote transmission, and it can reach more than 900Mbps. After he shared it with PTT netizens, some people laughed and said, “Daan Forest Park will be the future of Daan Forest Park.” The first place to live in the park.”

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