Nintendo officially promised in the first wave of update statements that it will take seriously the optimization of “Pokémon Zhu/Purple” – Computer King Ada

The latest masterpiece of the ninth generation of Nintendo’s signature series “Pokémon” “Pokémon Crimson/Purple” has officially landed on the Nintendo Switch platform on November 18. This long-awaited new work has brought many changes to the entire series in terms of gameplay. It inherits the open world design concept of the series of rumors “Pokémon Legend: Arceus”, allowing players to explore in a vast map. , decide the order of the main missions by yourself. However, in terms of overall optimized performance, the development team seems to be a bit behind the conceptual presentation of this work. While the sequel managed to break franchise records within a few days of its launch, optimization and performance issues sparked much controversy among gamers. And just earlier this month, Nintendo also officially released the first wave of updates for “Pokémon Zhu / Purple”, and promised to take optimization issues seriously.

According to the updated information released by Nintendo on the official website, the latest version 1.1.0 update file of “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple” has corrected the background music that players may encounter when they are fighting against the Four Heavenly Kings and the Chief Champion. In addition, Nintendo also confirmed in the description that they have fixed many other bugs and errors in this update. On the other hand, this update also officially opened the first season of “Pokémon Vermillion/Purple” online battles.

At the same time, Nintendo officials also promised in a statement that they will continue to work hard to correct the problems that currently exist in the first open world game of the “Pokémon” series, and to enhance performance. We would like to apologize to the players for the various problems when Pokémon Vermilion/Purple was released.

“We are aware of issues that players may experience that affect game performance. It is always our goal to provide players with the most positive experience through our games, and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. We will We will take all feedback from players seriously and continue to work hard to enhance this game,” Nintendo officially wrote

For now, neither Nintendo nor the Pokémon Company have given a detailed schedule for the future update plan of “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple”, but considering the release of version 1.1.0 and the game The official listing was only two weeks apart, and it was also three weeks behind the first-day update file obtained by sneak players. If Nintendo continues with the same model going forward, players may see another wave of updates roll out in mid-December.

Just after the game was officially launched, players discovered various bugs, errors, and system loopholes in “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple”, such as errors that appeared in the game’s multiplayer cooperative battle “Taijing Group Battle”, and the ability to A bug that allows players to increase the hit rate of instant death skills such as “Absolute Zero” in multiplayer mode, plus duplicating props and Pokémon, or using two Joy-Con controllers to speed up the player’s movement speed Wait.

Due to bugs and performance issues, the game received unsatisfactory reviews from both media and players. So far, both versions of “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple” have received an average media score of 73 points on Metacritic, while the player evaluations are 2.9/10 and 3.4/10 respectively. Even so, “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple” still achieved extremely impressive results in terms of sales. Within three days of its launch, it achieved a sales record of 10 million sets worldwide, breaking the historical record of the series and Nintendo Switch.


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