Nintendo Switch: the end of a success story?

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Suddenly unpopular – that’s why the demand and price of the Nintendo Switch are falling

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The demand for the Nintendo Switch has collapsed on

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The Nintendo Switch was able to inspire millions of gamers. The console even experienced a huge boom during the pandemic. But now the end of the success story is heralding. The demand has decreased significantly. The reasons are homemade too.

AOn October 8, 2021, Nintendo is releasing the Switch OLED, a new version of the popular hybrid console. The price comparison portal “Idealo” took this as an opportunity to take a closer look at the career of the “Original Switch”.

After a difficult start, the Switch was able to develop its full potential and win over millions of gamers’ hearts. In the past few months, however, demand has dropped significantly.

The Nintendo Switch got off to a bumpy start

While the media and gamers previously praised the innovative concept of the Nintendo Switch, because it was the first time you could play games with a game console on TV and on the go, the voices were overwhelmingly critical after its release in 2017.

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A “rickety, sometimes cheap-looking workmanship” (source: and only a few games to start the console made for sobering test reports in the trade press. Gamers criticized the Nintendo Switch for its poor hardware performance, the cheap-looking workmanship and the steep price of around 330 euros.

Exclusive titles helped Nintendo Switch to achieve a breakthrough

After its initial difficulties, however, the Switch was able to convince even the loudest critics of its qualities in the following years. Nintendo itself has given the hybrid console a top-class game collection with exclusive titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Over time, the Nintendo Switch has also shown that it is the ultimate console for indie games that can be easily loaded into the game console’s memory. Briefly explained: Indie games are video games that are mostly developed by independent development studios with a relatively small budget and are published on online platforms such as Steam to be published.

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Celebrated indie pearls such as Celeste or Dead Cells hardly demand the console hardware thanks to their pixel 2D optics. Because they don’t tell a complex story and instead offer fast-paced, demanding gameplay, players can practice on the Switch’s built-in screen on the go, and finally master a new level at home on the big TV.

The Switch became the most popular game console

The Nintendo Switch has shown that a successful console career does not necessarily depend on sheer hardware performance. In the past year and a half, it was much more in demand on than the more powerful Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X game consoles.

During this period, the Switch achieved a demand share of over 80 percent month after month compared to the two game systems from Sony and Microsoft. It must be mentioned that demand shifted from the old game consoles to the next-gen consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of 2020 at the latest.

Nintendo Switch vs_

The demand for the Nintendo Switch at Idealo

Source: Idealo

Compared to the larger standard version, the more compact and not TV-compatible Nintendo Switch Lite was hardly in demand in the last year and a half. The Lite version was unable to benefit from a significant increase in demand for the Nintendo Switch, which “Idealo” last observed in March 2021.

The Switch Lite was only able to win four percent of the total demand for both models in March. Although the demand for the classic Nintendo Switch has fallen sharply in the last three months, it was able to claim a full 85 percent of the demand for both versions in July.

The Switch’s best days are in the past

Nintendo benefited greatly from the first corona-related lockdown. Compared to the previous month, demand for the Nintendo Switch increased in March 2020 687 percent up. On Black Friday 2020 too, the Switch was one of the most popular products at “Idealo”.

It celebrated its last “comeback” in spring 2021. The demand for the Nintendo Switch increased significantly from February to March. Since April, however, the demand has plummeted. By July 2021, buying interest in the Nintendo Switch had fallen by a full 93 percent.

Nintendo Switch_Demand and Price_

On, the demand and price of the Nintendo Switch are falling

Source: Idealo

One of the reasons for the drop in demand could be Nintendo’s announcement of the new Switch OLED. So it is conceivable that interested players are waiting for the new model.

Will the new Nintendo Switch OLED catch on?

The average price for the Nintendo Switch in July 2021 was 305 euros. At “Idealo” you can currently find pre-order offers for the new Switch OLED, which cost 349 euros. The Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a more colorful OLED screen, more storage capacity and better speakers.

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The computing power, which is decisive for how smoothly games run on the console, will not increase with the Switch OLED. It therefore remains to be seen whether many players will be willing to pay the additional price of around 45 euros for the Switch OLED without receiving a noticeable boost in performance in the games.

The dwindling demand for the current models at least strongly suggests. Hopefully, despite the lack of semiconductors, all fans will get their chance in the Christmas business in 2021.

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