The parents of the 16-year-old boy from Modi’in Illit, who has been missing for almost three months, are crying out for any possible help: “Every phone call makes us jump. Keren Am Yisrael Chai has allocated a respectable sum to those who bring information that will lead to its finding: “Anything that will advance us to solve the mystery”

After nearly three months in which 16-year-old Moishe Kleinerman from Modi’in Illit, who was last seen in the Meron area at the end of March, was absent, many are mobilizing to try and help locate the young man, when the police also set up a special team to deal with the affair. Now Keren Am Israel Chai – managed by Shmuel Sket – has announced that it will provide NIS 50,000 to anyone who brings real information that will lead to the finding of a healthy and complete Moishe.

“There is no more guarantee of mutual guarantee than aiding and abetting a soft boy in the years that has suddenly disappeared,” Skett said. “Even for a moment.”

Photo: Courtesy of the family

“It really strengthens how the people of Israel mobilize for the cause, on all levels,” said Moishe’s father, Shmuel. “It is impossible to describe our difficulty and worry at all. It’s every moment, every phone bounces us off. It’s just getting preyed upon by worry.”

“We really appreciate the effort people put in,” Moishe’s mother, Getty, said. “I have no words to describe the volunteering, mobilization, efforts and searches. Where is the State of Israel? Let them learn what to do. Take responsibility and do something. Bring the child home.”

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