Niv Sultan: “Israeli insolence in Tehran enters the heart”

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With “Tehran” winning tonight (Tuesday) the award for best series at the Emmy Awards – the first Israeli series to win an award in the drama category – it is almost inevitable to talk to the lead actress who stars in the series, Niv Sultan.

In an interview with Dov Gil-Har in the evening news, while she is in the middle of filming for the second season of the series in Athens, Sultan shares the happy moments in which she was announced the winner. “When the prize was announced I was still asleep. An hour later I woke up to this amazing announcement.”

The full interview with Niv Sultan from tonight’s news

What worked so well there in Tehran, that brought my mother to Israel? Niv said that in her eyes, “We have created here, a battery of amazing people, an authentic work that provided a glimpse into the conflict we all know – only from a human angle, an angle of the real people on the ground, and not just governments. Man is man is man, we are all the same, “Perhaps, to be formed between the people of the two peoples.”

“The Israeli audacity and the truth we brought entered many hearts,” Sultan continued. “I also received full loving and appreciative responses from guys who live in Iran. If we managed to create a link, the smallest, between the two peoples – it’s a huge achievement and it’s insanely exciting.”

Regarding the upgrade to her personal career in light of the win, she said: “This award opens up options in the field and symbolizes recognition of our Israeli work. The dream of dreaming big, abroad, is possible. I never disqualified Hollywood, it just felt distant and unrealistic to me. “Finally, the actress expressed a wish and said:” I wish there would come a day when we could visit Tehran and the Iranians would visit Tel Aviv. ”

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So what do Iranians think of “Tehran”?

The victory of “Tehran” is a huge achievement for the Israeli broadcasting corporation “Here”. This is the first Israeli series to win an award in this category, and the first win of “Here” in the prestigious award ceremony given to the best foreign productions.

Producer Dana Eden, spoke on the ceremony stage upon receiving the award on behalf of the creators: “‘Tehran’ is not just a spy series. It also deals with getting to know the person behind your enemy. We do it every day on the set. We are now filming the second season “With Iranian actors, Iranian refugees from around the world who have fled the current regime. We are working on true cooperation and love and in fact we have discovered that we have a lot in common.

Moshe Zonder, one of the producers of the series, said in an interview with Aryeh Golan here on Net that “great excitement. Immediately after the ceremony, the director has already flown to Athens – for the filming of next season. We wanted to show the similar on both sides.”

Listen to the interview with Sonder here on Network B.

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“Tehran,” which aired here on June 11, 2020, follows the character of Mossad agent Tamar Rabinian, played by actress Niv Sultan, who is sent on a secret mission in Tehran to prevent Iran’s nuclear armament. Close to its broadcast in Israel, the series was sold to the streaming service Apple TV Plus in a deal valued at millions of dollars. Filming for the second season is currently underway, starring American actress Glenn Close.

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