“No alarm if first dose ok”

If the first dose of AstraZeneca did not cause any problems, you can proceed with the second dose without fear of serious consequences. This is the message of Professor Massimo Galli while – after new cases of thrombosis following the administration – new indications are emerging on the vaccine, currently recommended for the over 60s but also administered to younger subjects in the various open days. “The negative manifestations are in a short period after the first dose. Those who have already done it” without problems “can go on in a serene way: do not wait there waiting for the cuddly, it does not come. first dose, within a limited number of days, at most two weeks “, says Galli, head of infectious diseases in the Sacco di Milano, in Agorà.

“This is a virus capable of evolving rather quickly, this is the real problem. Great Britain has the absolute record of vaccinations. Now there is a significant increase in infections, but not hair-pulling, caused by evolution. of the Indian variant. It is not difficult to predict that “the Indian variant” will soon go around all of Europe, however contained by vaccinations “, says Galli analyzing the general picture. “It is very difficult to talk about herd immunity because with the variants it is difficult to completely remove” the virus, “but vaccinating a lot means trying to limit circulation as much as possible”.


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