No anti-religious symbols on products in Qatar | Products in Qatar should not contain anti-religious symbols

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Doha: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued an order discouraging trade in products with anti-religious logos and symbols. The order from the Ministry of Commerce states that the affixing of such symbols and logos is against Islamic values, customs and traditions. The ministry said in a statement that it had recently noticed that some shops and major shopping malls in the country were selling products that violated customs and traditions and violated public norms.

The ministry issued the new circular as part of its efforts to regulate the market and ensure that traders, wholesalers and business owners in the country uphold the protection of consumer rights, Islamic values ​​and respect for Qatar’s traditional customs and cultural heritage. According to Act No. 8 of 2008, traders and shopkeepers must adhere to the religious values, customs and cultural heritage of the country in their trade and products. The same law makes it clear that the supplier will be liable for any damages caused by the use of the goods.

The ministry said in a circular that trade and services should be conducted in a manner that respects Islamic customs and ethical values ​​and the customs and traditions of the Qatari community. The ministry urged traders and shopkeepers to ensure that the products do not have such derogatory, anti-Islamic values ​​and anti-Qatari logos and logos affixed before importing goods into Qatar, and that owners, traders and shopping malls should refrain from selling and displaying such products. The ministry warned that strict action would be taken against those selling products that violated religious and moral values ​​and were against Qatar’s heritage and culture, and would intensify inspections in shops and malls. The ministry has also directed consumers to notify the authorities if they notice any sale or display of such products.


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