“No decision on the extension of the restrictions”

Time.news – “No decision” to extend the state of emergency to 11 April was taken during today’s meetings. To say it, to CartaBianca on Rai3, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “We will discuss in the coming days and make the decisions”.

“During the meetings on Tuesday”, explains the Minister of Health, “we analyzed the curve, but we did not discuss measures”.

Pressure on pharmaceutical companies

The minister reiterates that “the contracts signed are clear” and that “we must continue to put the maximum possible pressure on pharmaceutical companies to respect these commitments”. Then he notes however that “even if there were some difficulties, we have such great numbers that they will still allow us to run much more”.

“We need all vaccines as soon as possible, as long as they are effective and safe.” Roberto Speranza frames this way the terms of the ‘Sputnik dossier’ and explains that “Regulatory agencies must tell us that a vaccine is effective and safe, European and national “.

“No prejudice about vaccines”

The Minister of Health observes that “I am not interested in the nationality of the scientists who put on a vaccine: I do not care if they are Russian, European or from anywhere else in the world. I’m interested in this vaccine working. We need a lot of doses and to be able to run and then – he continues – we must not have any kind of prejudice because it would not make sense “.

And again: “We must avoid controversy over the vaccination campaign, which is a heritage of this country and must be a moment of joy. We must work together”.

“Not an easy moment”

“The English variant caused infections to increase rapidly” so it is true that “in recent days the curve has been flattening” but also that “as is known, the hospitalization and death curve curves more slowly“adding that” we are in a difficult time “.

“The epidemic is still very strong, the English variant has a transmission capacity of 35-40% greater than the virus we encountered in the previous months”, reports Speranza who also renews “the hope that the strict measures will give results: the former – he repeats – are already there: the contagion curve flattens out “.

Finally, to the Regions, the Minister of Health sends to say that “il National vaccination plan has been approved by all Regions, and that plan must be adhered to. “



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