No green pass demonstration in Milan, march and tensions with the police: 4 people stopped and a policeman injured

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It ended in Piazza Duomo, with 4 people stopped by the police and a wounded officer, the procession of No Green Pass from Milano which was held as usual on Saturday, for the 12th consecutive week from 24 July, to protest against the restrictions imposed by the government on those who have not yet vaccinated themselves against the Covid-19. After a manifestation changed in the running with respect to the plans of the organizers, including the leader of Italexit Gianluigi Paragone, which they had asked 5 thousand people realized that he limited himself to one sit-in, there were moments of tension with the police. In fact, to the requests of the leaders of the square, a group of demonstrators responded with a chorus “Procession, procession”.

The protesters, who initially gathered in piazza Fontana, then headed to the Central Station, in an attempt to block the tracks, but were pushed back by the agents in riot gear. So they started to disperse, with consequent traffic blocks of public transport and cars. After traveling Republic square, some eventually headed in corso Buenos Aires and in Porta Venezia where there were moments of discomfort, especially among taxi drivers bottled up in traffic and some no green passes who occupied the road waving Italian flags and screaming “Freedom, freedom”.

The police let it be known that the arrests of the four demonstrators were carried out during the hottest moments of the demonstration, when they tried to access the objectives considered “sensitive”. A group of demonstrators then returned to Piazza Duomo, reducing to about a thousand people and unable to access the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery manned by the police. Among the banners at the head of the procession there is one who recites “Science does not oblige: it demonstrates” and a sign that says “Immediate resignation of those who sold Italy and betrayed the Italian people”.

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