No Limit to Hypocrisy: Benjamin Netanyahu Criticized by Yair Lapid

No Limit to Hypocrisy: Benjamin Netanyahu Criticized by Yair Lapid

The UK is currently being visited by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for political reasons. On Saturday, he was spotted eating at a restaurant that did not serve kosher food. Photos show a lobster on the premises, but it’s unclear whether Netanyahu had any. Meanwhile, there’s been controversy around the hametz law, which has now been approved for readings two and three. Britain’s Sunak raised concerns about legal reform in talks with Netanyahu in London. Opposition leader Yair Lapid has used the Netanyahu dining photos to criticize the prime minister for his voting in favour of the hametz law. The Knesset’s health committee, led by Uriel Bosso, approved the bill after 118 objections were rejected.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is currently making his political visit to the UK, he was seen eating today (Saturday) at a non-kosher restaurant. In the documentation you can even see a lobster, but it should be noted that it was not on the Prime Minister’s table, and it is not known what he ate during his stay there.

The next political storm? The hametz law was approved for second and third reading
Sunak to Netanyahu in London: “Britain is worried about the legal reform”

The person who decided to use the documentation to attack Netanyahu is opposition leader Yair Lapid. He attacked the prime minister, this against the background of the passage of the hametz law: “There is no limit to Netanyahu’s hypocrisy – he eats in a non-kosher restaurant and then runs home to vote in favor The Hametz Law”.

As you may recall, the health committee chaired by Knesset member Uriel Bosso approved a few days ago the bill for second and third reading. The committee approved the proposal after rejecting the 118 reservations submitted to the bill.


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