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Switch players looking forward to “No Man’s Sky” will have to wait a little longer. The well-known game, which was originally scheduled to launch on the Switch version this summer, is now confirmed to wait until October 7th to land on the old platform. No Man’s Sky originally released for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016, before coming to Xbox One two years later. In the early days, it was criticized by players for its shortcomings such as the unavailability of multiplayer mode, but with the subsequent sincere updates of the developer Hello Games, the reputation of the game has gradually accumulated.

In the Switch version of No Man’s Sky, players have direct access to all features and upgrades. In order to alleviate people’s concerns about whether the Switch hardware can run the game smoothly, the official also released a video of the actual play. On October 7th, the physical and digital versions of the game will hit the shelves at the same time, along with the physical version of the PS5, and the game will also land on the Mac and iPad later this year.

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