No more interviews; Stress at home; Father also came: Dhyan Srinivasan

Recently, all the interviews given by Dhyan Srinivasan went viral on social media. It is the specialty of meditation to open up about the interesting things that have happened in life as well. But some of these references have been controversial. With this, Dhyan says that he will not give an interview for a while. Dhyan said this while sharing the highlights of the movie ‘Prakashan Parakkatte’ on Facebook Live.

“I was warned at home not to do any more interviews. The father has now returned home from the hospital. So you have to be at home as a good kid. Life will be simpler for a while longer. There will be no interviews. Because there are no new movies to be released anytime soon. The family opinion is that I should stop giving interviews. They are afraid that if this happens, the whole family will be devastated. In the interview given so far, he spoke about his father and brother. They were afraid that I would still tell them about the relatives. I’m out of the WhatsApp family group. They will add me in a few days. Then he thinks he can be a good boy. So the decision was made not to interview anymore. I can tell my stories through movies. ” Dhyan says with a regular laugh.

” Next is a movie called Trio. It is a film with a lot of artists. Don’t think it will have an interview. I stopped the solo interview. It is a terrible problem at home. There will be no more interviews for a while. It would be better to see more in the movie than in the interview. From now on, interviews will be given only in groups.

Dhyan also gave an interesting reply to a fan’s comment that wood should be cut. ” In the past, it was like hitting two at night. Now there is none. The only relief is food. If you want to get out of the movie with more wood, get out. Anyway the wood will shrink. ‘Adi Kapyare Koottamani 2’ is likely to come. Then you have to cut the wood for it all. Minor health problems started coming. The film is expected to start shooting next year. It has all the workouts. The trainer has been placed. There is nothing better than having him work out well, ”Dhyan added.


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