No need for discussion, I will wear whatever I like: Abhay Hiranmayi

Abhaya Hiranmayi filled the hearts of the audience with the song ‘Koikodan’ which is full of honey in the heart. Now the singing career of the singer has reached Omar Lulu’s ‘Good Times’. Abhaya shines not only in song but also in fashion. Along with that, the singer is also keen on maintaining fitness. Abhaya often surprises her fans by constantly sharing workout pictures and videos. Along with Abhay’s song, fitness, dress style and photo shoot are discussed. Abhay says that these are all his favorite areas beyond singing. In an interview with Manorama Online, Abhay Hiranmayi opens up.

Not only in song but also in fashion. Will you be active in modeling?

Basically I am a singer. Everything else is done because of my interest in them. There is no such thing as doing only one thing. I have never had any difficulty in doing anything else that comes with the song. If you ask me whether I will be active in the modeling field, I don’t know. If I’m interested in something that comes my way, I don’t say no. If I am comfortable, I will do photoshoots.

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How to maintain fitness?

It’s only been 5 years since I started working out. Exercising regularly. Eat food very carefully. But I don’t change my preferences. Make sure to eat a very balanced diet that includes everything you like. The truth is that you don’t care too much whether it’s food or fitness. I do everything in such a way that I can live happily and confidently. After a good diet for two months, I try to balance my diet for the next few months.

Changes in workout routine?

Keeping fit is a commitment to ourselves and our bodies. I got the best trainer for that. Ajeesh, a gym trainer. Arya Dayal, Shabarish Prabhakar and others are working out with me. Ajeesh looks after the fitness of all of us. We keep fit because he has three times our sincerity. We travel a lot for stage shows and stuff. Keeping fit in between is a big challenge. You can get different kinds of food from different places. Similarly, when you go to many countries, you cannot miss the unique foods that are part of their culture. After all that, when we come back home, it is because of Ajeesh that we get proper guidance and are able to maintain our fitness.


Abhaya Hiranmayi Image credit: Abhaya Instagram

Eating habits?

I try to eat more protein. A fruit is eaten before a workout during a proper diet. After coming back in the morning, he prepares a dish of two egg whites and a cup of coffee or eggs and spinach. In the afternoon we eat chicken or my mother cooks fish. Night salad, eggs or chicken. Eating the same food over and over again gets boring. So eat a variety of food. Soybeans are eaten. Drink water well.

How do you handle criticism of the dress code?

I didn’t even think that the criticism of the dress was worth discussing. Because dressing is everyone’s choice. Criticism is also a part of life. If you feel intolerable after hearing all that, then only that will be the time. Everyone will have some type of opinion when they see the clothes someone is wearing. I don’t care what other people say. It’s not even worth discussing.

Abhay is seen in both folk and modern attires. What is your favorite style of dress?

I love all the clothes and style of dressing. I wear all kinds of clothes. I believe that every outfit suits me. If you get a sari, you will wear it. Apart from that, there is no excessive love for sarees. I feel most comfortable wearing a one-piece dress with a top and bottom. I dress according to my comfort. I love all the clothes that make me feel good wearing them.


Abhaya Hiranmayi Image credit: Abhaya Instagram

Do you set aside time for travel?

Travels. To be honest, traveling is a blessing. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan. Planned trips are interrupted for many reasons. Sometimes, when you don’t have a plan, you suddenly feel like going on a trip. Mind will be refreshed while traveling. A lot of traveling is done for work and pleasure.

Post-covid stageshow experiences?

All stage shows have given me the same experience. A stage is a platform where you can perform a live show and get immediate audience response. That’s why doing a stage show is a very happy thing. The stage shows that were suspended due to covid have returned. It is a great joy to be able to sing on stage again.


Abhaya Hiranmayi Image credit: Abhaya Instagram

Family history?

Mother Latika Mohan is a music teacher. Amma has been very busy with family life so far. Now he is coming to the program and singing with me. Mom was always practicing singing and taking classes. Anujjat is not related to movies and music. She found her own career. She is a music connoisseur and critic. But did not come to the world of music.


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