No one will force-rape at workplace, film industry safe: Swasika

Swasika says the film industry is the safest field for girls. “No one in this industry kidnaps and rapes anyone. That’s how safe the film industry is. If we say no where no should be said, no one will come to us and ask us to do anything by force.” – says Swasika. The actress mentioned in an interview given to a YouTube channel.

“If you ask whether WCC is necessary in Malayalam cinema, I can only say that I don’t know exactly what their work is. If I give my personal opinion, if I have a bad experience on any film set, I will immediately react and leave the job.

That is what we women should be taught first. That is what we need to achieve. We should say no where we should say no. If I do this film, thinking that if I act with such a big hero, I will get such a huge amount of money, and make that film by putting up with all the abuse we are doing. It doesn’t seem logical to say “me to” four years after that. I have to come down saying I don’t want your movie. You should leave there with the confidence that an opportunity will come in another place.

So a woman should have the courage to come out of the workplace, quit her job, and tell her two stories face to face. I didn’t think it needed an organization. It is the courage that must come from within us.

As for WCC, suppose we go to any place with a complaint, we don’t know whether we get justice immediately or not. It will take time. Why go to a place like WCC if something happens that you don’t like? Don’t tell it at the police station, don’t tell it at the women’s commission.

You can tell your parents about it and you can react on your own. No one in this industry kidnaps and rapes anyone. Film industry is such a safe industry. We can take parents, we can take assistants, we can take anybody. All this freedom is given. Some say this from such a safe field. It happens because of not reacting at that time.

No one will come to us and ask us to do anything by force if we say no when we should say no. No one can enter the locked room unless we open it ourselves. The room I locked will only be opened in the morning. If someone knocks at the wrong time, why open the door? Why do we give them a space to talk and cheat? Boys need the courage to respond.

The same thing happens even in casting couches. Even there, if we say no, there is only problem that can be solved. Besides, after all that has happened, it’s stupid to say that he didn’t know he came into the room. There will be at least 40 people on a movie set. Will someone do something to us in front of them? They will ask us to come here at night. He should answer that question in public and get rid of his shame. Those who cannot do that should go to organizations like WCC and complain. It should not be delayed. You should go and complain about the incident that happened today. Otherwise, what’s the point of complaining after acting in the entire movie and earning a penny?

Still many girls and models are exploited in the name of casting couch. There is a casting couch in the movie. But no one will force us to do anything. If we oppose, there won’t be any problems.” – Swasika said.


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