No protective wall: Transformer a threat to commuters : Nattu Visesham

No protective wall: Transformers pose a threat to commuters

Thursday, November 17, 2022 12:24 AM IST

Palakkad: There is no safety wall on the busy Court Road in the city. The transformer is dangerous for pedestrians.
Near the district hospital where the road turns to Palayapetta Road There is a transformer in the oil.
Sura has transcended the Transformers era established decades ago. It is a state without decay.
The main road where hundreds of people reach the district hospital This is

Transformers installed at public stations in concrete They should be installed at a height and a protective fence should be completed around them. The law is
As the cables of the transformer are pushed further out, the Hana, urgent protection for the safety of pedestrians Naveli is strong enough to finish.


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