No worries! when water enters the charging port If you know this –

Most high-end smartphones are waterproof to some extent. Even though your phone has a high level of water resistance. But it’s not 100% protected against water damage. Exposure to water can wet the delicate internal components of your smartphone and cause damage.

If you accidentally put water in Your phone’s charging port. Here’s how to keep water dry and avoid damaging your smartphone.

How to remove water from the charging port

Because the Apple warranty doesn’t cover water damage. Here are some things you should try to dry out your iPhone’s charging port before contacting Apple Support for assistance. The following methods also work for Android smartphones.

Before starting it is recommended that you turn off your phone. Remove accessories such as phone cases or headphone cords and hold the wet phone upright with the USB port facing down. This can help stop water from entering other parts of your smartphone.

Let your smartphone dry naturally.

When you get your smartphone wet Your first instinct might be to dry your smartphone by using a hair dryer. using the maximum heat turn on however Doing this is not a good idea because In some parts of the smartphone, when exposed to heat, they may be damaged.

After gently removing excess water from the outer portion of the USB port, it’s best to let the smartphone air dry. You can also place it by an open window or in a warm, dry area. Do not expose the smartphone to direct sunlight. To avoid overheating and damage.

If you want it to dry faster, place your smartphone in front of the fan overnight.

Put your smartphone in a pocket with silica gel overnight.

Are you familiar with the silica gel packets that come with almost everything you buy? If your smartphone gets wet and you have a silica gel case lying around, You can use it to remove moisture from your smartphone’s USB port.

When your smartphone gets wet, place it in a bag with several silica gel bags and seal it overnight to allow the silica gel to absorb moisture.

Note: Many people recommend putting your smartphone in dry rice to absorb the moisture. But we don’t recommend this method. First of all, rice does not absorb water very well. Rice dust and flour can damage some parts of the smartphone.



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