‘Noam’ attacked the liberal court; Smotrich refused

Following the recognition received by a liberal conversion court from religious Zionism, the ‘Noam’ party claimed that “The regressive progressives continue to gallop” – and in light of the storm that arose, the chairman of Religious Zionism had to issue a clarification: “We have great respect and appreciation for the scholars of every midrash” | Officials in Noam responded: “We are not looking to hide our position”

An unusual confrontation developed within the ‘religious Zionist’ list during the day (Thursday) regarding the recognition received by a liberal conversion tribunal in the religious-national sector for the purpose of the Law of Return.

The district court decided to recognize in the orthodox court “proper conversion”, rabbis from the liberal circle in religious Zionism, for the Law of Return. The ‘Noam’ party did not like the decision, and strongly attacked the court – a statement that provoked criticism among circles in the sector.

“The regressive progressives continue to gallop,” the ultra-orthodox party called the court. According to them, “associations from below and judges from above who together are gnawing away more and more at the Jewish identity of the country and racing toward the state of all its citizens. A reformist ‘conversion’ is closer than ever. We will soon lead the necessary amendment and legislation processes, from within the coalition led by Netanyahu.”

The statement, as mentioned, provoked criticism among religious Zionist circles and the Jewish Home party took advantage of it to garner votes. “This fanaticism that humiliates scholars from other midrash schools does not come to strengthen Judaism but to destroy it,” wrote Knesset member Yom Tov Kalphon from the party.

After a few hours, the religious Zionist party decided to respond to Noam’s criticism, fearing that the statement would harm their appeal to the liberal wing of the sector. The chairman of the party, Bezalel Smotrich, responded: “As God-fearing people, we have great respect and esteem for the scholars of every beit midrash, certainly when it comes to great men and teachers.”

“I believe that in order to prevent loopholes in the State of Israel, only a state conversion should be recognized and under a uniform halachic ruling of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. But we will also manage this dispute with respect, love and for heaven’s sake,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Sources in the Noam party claim that there are no tensions with Smotrich, but clarify: “We are not looking to hide our position. It is impossible to make ‘Noam’ disappear, we are not here to disappear.”


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