Noam Raz’s wife: ‘The longing for you is great’ • Watch

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Noam Raz’s wife: ‘The longing for you is great’ • Watch
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On the anniversary of the death of the late Yimam fighter, the late Sergeant Noam Raz, the fighter who was killed during a battle with armed terrorists who fired at our forces in an operational activity in the village of Burkin in the Jenin district, family members, friends and relatives of the plot The police station on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief, the Lieutenant Colonel H., the Commanders and Commanders of the Command and the Border Police. Along of course with the family members wife Efrat and the children Barry, with them, her sons, Segev, Neve and Hillel, the parents Yeshayahu and Esther, the brothers Arieh, Kuti and Leah, other family members, friends and other guests.

The mother praises

His wife Efrat eulogized: “Only ten days for him since you left here. Look what you have done in the world. Thousands of people have been perfumed for a long time and came to your house during the shiva – thirsty to hear more about you and continue on your way.”

“I understand that everyone has a little kindness in the heart. People have taken on receipts, like hearing a lesson during a folding wash, being more relaxed, being simple and being connected to the blessed name.”

The brother-in-law pays tribute

“You have touched us all, you have made us better, in your death you have added life, there is already a new life inspired by you. whole”.

The niece mourns

“You have united our family and our whole community. Something new has been born in us, we stand and marvel at what happened after you left. We promise you to keep your legacy. We will try to keep the joy that was in you all the time. The longing for you is great, pray for us.”

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