Nobel Arustamyan resigned from Match TV after interview with Mamaev

Sports commentator Nobel Arustamyan decided to leave Match TV due to differences in views with the channel’s management about what content should appear on the air. He announced this in his Telegram channel. The journalist explained that he was against the interview with Rostov footballer Pavel Mamaev, but the Match TV management insisted on their own. The interview will be aired on the channel today, August 24, at 20:40 Moscow time.

According to Nobel Arustamyan, the interview with Pavel Mamaev was an editorial task. He was told that the footballer wanted to talk to him.

“I went to Rostov for an honest conversation with a football player. And he turned out to be an accomplice of a new PR performance and received a pre-prepared hero for a program like “Let them talk” or “Windows”, with all due respect to them. I do not blame those who do this, but I was terribly uncomfortable. I don’t delve into people’s personal lives, in dirty linen, I have never done this and I will not, ”wrote Mr. Arustamyan.

He said that after the interview, he raised the question that “such content cannot be released on a sports channel.” “My arguments did not find a response from the“ Match ”management, which forced me to write a letter of resignation today of my own free will,” the journalist said.

At the same time, he noted that six years of work at Match TV is “a truly unforgettable, amazing time” and he is grateful to the channel and all his colleagues for their cooperation.

Tina Kandelaki, general producer of Match TV, said that she was saying goodbye to Nobel Arustamyan “with some disappointment,” but the incident “dot the i’s”. Mrs. Kandelaki noted that it is unacceptable for her to have a situation when a journalist who interviewed after filming makes it a condition of his stay on the TV channel to remove material from the air.

“For me it is a strange and unacceptable situation when a journalist working on a channel is the first to interview the coach of the national team for his personal YouTube channel. When asked why this interview was not done for the employer, Nobel replied that he wants to develop his own brand. People work either for themselves or for a TV channel, ”she wrote in her Telegram channel.

Tina Kandelaki also commented on the words of Nobel Arustamyan about the interview with Pavel Mamaev. According to her, the purpose of the interview was to show the viewer “why love can end and hatred begin, and how this can affect the career of a former national team player.”

In an interview with Nobel Arustamyan, Pavel Mamaev also spoke about his divorce from his wife Alana. According to the footballer, he never regretted this decision. “I didn’t want to hear her, at that moment I had so much [сильное] disgust. Sometimes it feels like I just ran into the devil, ”he said.



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